What is the Science of Human Harmony™?

IlluminEssensce® is based on The Science of Human Harmony™, a science discovered by IlluminEssensce founder, Taylore B. Sinclaire over 20 years ago.

We call it a science because it is based on scientifically measurable biological phenomena. It consists of information and a set of principles and processes that when properly applied lead to consistently replicable, easily observable and independently verifiable outcomes.

We call it The Science of Human Harmony because it is based on sound (radiance), and the proper application of this science results in greater human harmony – harmony with self, harmony with others and harmony with our surroundings and physical environment.

The idea is simple. The implications are profound.

It is a scientifically accepted reality that each human being has a unique frequency signature, a unique inaudible sound or vibration they emit. What Taylore discovered over 20 years ago is that while each human has a unique frequency signature, a unique pitch they sing at so to speak, there are only 4 “keys” in which the whole symphony of life is composed. We call each of these keys Harmonic Tones™.

By identifying an individual’s Harmonic Tone – the key that their unique frequency signature resonates with, is in harmony with – based on simple design principles, we are able to match people with clothing, cosmetics, hairstyles, scents, accessories and jewelry which are in harmony with their unique frequency signature (vibration or radiance).

Just as we all know colors are literally different wavelengths of light – unique vibrations or radiances – Taylore discovered that the shapes, design lines and textures of specific articles of clothing also emit specific vibrations or radiances, as well. Through years of experience in the fashion industry and working with color, facial structures and body types, Taylore was able to develop a system that could determine not only which of the four Harmonic Tones people fit into but also which color radiances, shape radiances, design line radiances and texture radiances fit into each of the four Tones, as well. In this way, she was able to develop

By identifying an individual’s Harmonic Tone – the key that their unique frequency signature resonates with, is in harmony with – based on simple design principles, we are able to match people with clothing, cosmetics, hairstyles, scents, accessories and jewelry which are in harmony with their unique frequency signature (vibration or radiance).

Just as we all know colors are literally different wavelengths of light – unique vibrations or radiances – Taylore discovered that the shapes, design lines and textures of specific articles of clothing also emit specific vibrations or radiances, as well. Through years of experience in the fashion industry and working with color, facial structures and body types, Taylore was able to develop a system that could determine not only which of the four Harmonic Tones people fit into but also which color radiances, shape radiances, design line radiances and texture radiances fit into each of the four Tones, as well. In this way, she was able to develop a complete fashion and beauty system based on sound and the idea of harmony.

When we hear music that is in harmony, we experience beauty through sound, through our sense of hearing. When we see people who are wearing clothing, cosmetics and other items that are in harmony with their unique frequency signature – the vibrational Essensce of who they really are – we see them as beautiful, we experience beauty through our sense of sight. (In fact, we experience harmony as beauty through all of our senses, including our sense of sound, sight, touch, taste, smell, and most intensely through our visceral sense.)

Each person is truly and uniquely beautiful just as they are. The problem is that most people are covering up their inner beauty by wearing clothing and items on the outside that are not in harmony with their unique radiance – the inaudible sound they are emitting which is the vibrational truth of who they really are. Most people without knowing it and in direct opposition to their conscious intentions are covering up their innate beauty and putting dissonance and in-congruence into their visual field, dissonance and in-congruence that other people pick up on viscerally and perceive at a sub-conscious level. When people come into contact with us when we are wearing clothing that is dissonant with our unique innate radiance, on some level their system registers one or more feelings that block us from connecting – “I am not sure if like this person.” “I don’t know if I can trust this person.” “I don’t want to be around this person.” “I don’t feel safe around this person.” Or “This person may not be who they seem to be.”

While many educated people are aware that more than 90% of communication is non-verbal, until now few people have appreciated the central importance of fashion and beauty items with regards to non-verbal communication, nor have they understood the dynamics that play out at a subconscious/visceral level based on the inaudible sound (radiance) that people and their clothing are emitting.

We call the process of coming into harmony with our selves and aligning our outward appearance with our inner truth – i.e. harmonizing our outer fashion and beauty items with our unique radiance – we call this process living our “Essensce.”

When we step into our Essensce, we first come into greater harmony with ourselves, and second, other people both visually see us as more beautiful and also viscerally pick up on the harmony we are projecting. On a sub-conscious level they perceive and are attracted to the congruence and authenticity they are encountering when they come into contact with us. As a result, other people see us as the beautiful individuals we really are and also feel safer, more accepted and more accepting in our presence. At a visceral level they sense congruence and authenticity, which signals to them that it is safe for them also to relax more deeply into their own congruence and authenticity. Because we are more ourselves when we are in our Essensce, others automatically become more themselves when they are around us – beginning a mutually reinforcing process, a positive feedback loop that leads to increasing levels of individual authenticity and interpersonal harmony.

The Science of Human Harmony applied through the IlluminEssensce fashion and beauty system helps us illuminate our inner Essensce – the vibrational Essensce of who we really are – and brings us into greater harmony first with ourselves and second with other people, our surroundings and environment. It brings us first to One – to ourselves – and then from One to Oneness – into harmony with other people, humanity and our physical environment.

IlluminEssensce. Be Harmony. Be Beauty. Be You.

How Much Will I Save?

If you are like most women, you never or rarely wear at least 25% of the clothes in your closet – perhaps as much as half or more. Some of them still have the tags on. And, the same is true down the line for all of your fashion and beauty purchases.

In our workshops we have asked women to write down how much they spent on fashion and beauty products in the last year. At first they say they don’t remember, and we know this isn’t true. This is the first layer of denial mixed with some amount of social conditioning from the men in our lives who don’t approve of such spending. When we finally get to the adding up, many women are simply shocked at how much they spend on an annual basis on clothing, cosmetics and other fashion and beauty products. Do you know how much money you have spent in the last 12 months on fashion and beauty products? Clothing? Shoes? Hand bags?

The problem with all this is two fold. First, women are spending a lot of money while not really getting to the heart of the matter. They are not looking or feeling more beautiful. There is still something missing, which requires continued purchases – a new hairstyle or hair color, the latest most fashionable dress, or the cutest shoes you have ever seen. Second, at least 25%, but often times half or more of the money that women spend is spent on clothing, cosmetics and related purchases that they rarely or never wear.

The math becomes pretty simple. If you spend $2,000 per year on fashion and beauty products you could save 25%-50% (or more) of that while still getting the same usage – $500-$1,000 per year – by buying only products that you will use, by cutting the waste out of your spending. If you spend $4,000 per year – which many of you do without even realizing it – your savings would be $1,000-$2,000 per year. And, this does not even begin to address the other side of the equation – the value you are getting from these purchases.

With IlluminEssensce®, you can cut the waste out entirely. Everything you buy that is in your Essensce you will wear again and again. It will feel right on you, you will be naturally attracted to it, and you will look great it in it. No clothes with the tags left on. No messy cosmetics graveyard… errr… we mean cosmetics drawer.

What was missing before was you and your true inner beauty. No amount of clothing and cosmetics can ever make you feel whole and beautiful unless they are an accurate representation of the most authentic and beautiful you that you are wanting to see for yourself and be seen by others. The latest fashion trends have nothing at all to do with uncovering your inner beauty, with finding and sharing your Essensce.

This is where IlluminEssensce comes in. Not only does it cut the waste out of your spending, but also IlluminEssensce helps you get more value from your purchases and achieve your goals. Not just your fashion and beauty goals, but all of your goals in life.

What Is My Essensce and How Do I Discover It?

First, let’s begin with what your Essensce and IlluminEssensce® is not. Illuminessensce is not a color matching system, nor is it a system based on facial structure or body type. IlluminEssensce goes much deeper than that, to the very core and vibrational Essensce of your being.Your Essensce is what cutting edge science would refer to as your unique frequency signature.

You can think of it like this. Each person projects a unique voice into the world. Your Essensce is the unique vibrational pattern, the unique pattern of energy and intelligence that sits behind that voice and that is reflected in that voice and in every unique thing about you – including your body pigments, the way you move, your scent, your innate impulses, the way you naturally relate to other people and life, as well as in your very DNA. And, while each of us has a unique frequency signature, a unique pitch we sing at so to speak, there are only 4 “keys” that the whole symphony of life is composed in. We call each of these keys Harmonic Tones™.

Working with and helping transform the lives of over 7,500 clients over a period of 25 years, IlluminEssensce Creator and Founder Taylore B. Sinclaire discovered the Harmonic Tones and developed a reproduce-able and patented process by which she and her highly trained IlluminEssensce Master Consultants can identify which of the four Harmonic Tones your unique frequency signature is resonant with Completing your Core Essensce Profile tells you which Harmonic Tone your unique vibrational Essensce resonates with, and gives you the opportunity to not only learn volumes about your field of harmony – which colors, shapes, design lines and textures will bring out your natural beauty and help you be seen and heard in the world as you truly are – but also (re)discover your inner nature, parts of yourself that you have covered up or abandoned in favor of more socially accepted and rewarded behaviors.This is why we call IlluminEssensce a system for both self-remembering and self-actualization through fashion and beauty. We get to remember and reclaim parts of ourselves that we have buried or forgotten, and we get to actualize our inner being by wearing fashion and beauty items that embody, that are resonant with, our inner vibrational Essensce. We can bring to life and express The Core Essensce of Who We Really Are – all the way deep, deep down on the inside – by wearing fashion and beauty items that gives our Essensce voice on the outside.We call this “being in your Essensce”.

Stepping into your Essensce is a powerful, liberating, grounding, joyful, paradigm shifting, and life changing experience that comes with many tangible benefits.

And did we almost forget to mention? It’s a lot of fun too.

More questions? Please see “Where Did IlluminEssensce Come From?” to learn more. Also, you may want to take a look at some before or after photos at Seeing Is Believing. Please pay attention not only to their physical appearance, how they look, but also the look behind their eyes. Can you see that it is them now, being present and grounded and really shining through?

Where did the IlluminEssensce System/Technology Come From?

Taylore’s life work began with a job in the fashion industry over 30 years ago. When working with fit models she began to notice that even when designs were being tested on models of the same size, basic features and coloring – the same article of clothing looked completely different on each woman. She realized it had to be the model, not the clothes. But what was it about them that was different? It was this nagging question that moved Taylore to take the first step toward creating the art and science of combining body energetics with the energetics of style, design, texture and color—the art and science of helping people find and express their authentic self through fashion.

Taylore’s investigations first led her to the image industry where she spent years as an expert teaching color, facial shapes, and body types. In the 1980’s Taylore was the brightest protege of Suzanne Caygill – originator of color analysis (beginning in 1942) and creator of “the four seasons color theory”, which was the basis for the book Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson. Suzanne accurately predicted that of all of her students and associates, Taylore was the one most likely to have the next big discovery, to develop the next fashion and beauty system that went beyond just appearance and integrated psychology and a deeper level of insight and understanding into helping people find and become their most beautiful self.Over time, Taylore’s studies and experience in the image industry revealed to her that mainstream color matching and facial/body matching theories could not accurately profile people because they only deal with the surface: hair, eye and skin color; bone structure; and basic physical attributes. Intuitively, she knew something was missing, so she continued to search for a way to accurately identify a person’s innate style and inner core characteristics—their essence.And then the flash of insight came. The basic insights beneath what we know today as IlluminEssensce.

Striking out on her own in the 1980s, in the beginning, Taylore would identify each individual client’s unique frequency signature, or radiance, and then custom match design elements – including color, shapes, design lines, and textures – that exactly matched the radiance of each specific individual. In this way people were wearing clothing that exactly matched their vibration, helping them more fully become themselves and show up as they truly are in the world. Taylore had a natural gift which she further developed into an exceptionally keen sense with regards to the specific radiance (vibration) that a piece of fabric or clothing emitted. Of course, we all know that colors are literally different wave lengths of light, i.e. different radiances or vibrations, but what Taylore also discovered is that shapes, design lines and textures put off specific radiances (vibrations), as well. Furthermore, she developed the ability to discern when the radiance of a specific piece of clothing or specific eye shadow, for example, was resonant or dissonant with the person wearing them. In this way, she could help individuals stop wearing items that were dissonant with who they are, i.e. dissonant with the natural radiance they would be projecting if the clothing or make-up was not in the way covering up and distorting their true signal (like most of the clothing and cosmetics that people wear every day). Taylore saw that these distortions in peoples’ signal were blocking their success in relationships and life in general, which was a big part of her motivation to help free people from these blocks and experience the profound, life changing benefits of putting out a true signal, i.e. being in their Essensce. Through word of mouth, more and more people just kept showing up wanting to discover their personal radiance (Essensce) and learn how to match their clothing, cosmetics, hairstyles and other items to their natural radiance, their innate inner beauty. And while Taylore enjoyed doing custom consultations that helped transform the lives of her clients, she knew there would be only so many lives she could touch this way.

Based on ample experience and wanting to find a way to reach more people with this life-changing information, Taylore had her next break through, her next flash of insight. She saw that while each person has a unique radiance, all people fit into one of four groupings, inside of which all the unique radiances are resonant, i.e. in harmony with one another. She began calling each of these groups Harmonic Tones™. What Taylore discovered with the Harmonic Tones was a way to provide the same benefit of custom one-on-one sessions in a more systemic, scalable way – making IlluminEssensce accessible to a much broader audience. She also discovered a system that was more scalable on the design side as well – a systematic set of design elements and guidelines that clothing designers can use to design clothing for each of the four Harmonic Tones that every human on the planet fits into. This was the early 1990s. Since then Taylore has been continuing to give workshops and presentations – mostly in Southern California and Hawaii – and has continued developing and perfecting the IlluminEssensce system into what it is today. She has trained and certified several exceptional women as IlluminEssensce Master Consultants and developed a number of training modules for end-users, designers and consultants.

To date, Taylore has worked with over 7,500 individuals – the early adopters – and believes that more and more people are ready now to embrace this system and are open to see and experience for themselves the profound and life changing benefits of IlluminEssensce.It is at this moment in the journey where you join us now.

Taylore is currently gearing up for a national tour to reach a broader audience, and we are forming partnerships to develop products for the IlluminEssensce fashion and beauty platform – working with fashion designers and other product partners to develop clothing, cosmetics and other fashion and beauty items based on the system of Harmonic Tones, based on the idea of harmonizing the radiances and vibrations of different colors, shapes, design lines and textures with the natural radiance of all of the individuals’ in each of the four Harmonic Tones.

And, do keep your eyes peeled for an IlluminEssensce retail location near you!

We’ve certainly got a lot of fun work ahead of us, and by being successful in this next stage of the journey, we aim to bring increasing harmony into the lives of our customers and the planet as a whole.

We hope you will join us.

Is this like the seasons/color theory/Color Me Beautiful?

IlluminEssensce is not a color matching system, nor is it a system based on facial shapes or body types. While IlluminEssensce shares some traits in common with color theory and other color systems (e.g. four groupings), it is a completely different, one of a kind, paradigm shifting system that is way more than about matching colors. It is actually a system based on sound and vibration, about bringing harmony into peoples’ fields and into their lives.

Company founder, Taylore B. Sinclaire, in the 1980’s was the brightest protege of Susan Caygill, originator of color analysis and creator of “the seasons” color matching system. She is very familiar with that system and has completed Core Essensce Profiles on a number of people who previously “had their colors done”. Taylore finds that roughly 40% of the time color systems even get the colors wrong for people – telling people to dress in colors whose radiances are actually dissonant with their individual radiance, their Essensce.

Even so, some of these people look and feel better than they did before – because at least the clothing and cosmetics they are wearing are in harmony with each other – which is a significant improvement for many people. However, they (and all people actually) would be much better off if they were dressed in their Essensce – wearing clothing, accessories and other fashion and beauty products that are resonant with their unique inner vibration, that support them in showing up as the most authentic and beautiful self they have ever known.

In short, color systems have mixed success and can be a good starting point for some people some of the time, but they are very different than IlluminEssensce – which is fundamentally a tool for self-remembering and self-actualization through fashion and beauty.

Is this system only for women?

No. IlluminEssensce is not only for women. It also works equally well for men, and often times, in fact, men adopt the system more quickly because they are often less attached than women to certain ideas around fashion and beauty. We have had great success toning couples, as well as male family members.

We are focusing our attention on women right now because we believe women have a unique role to play – right now.

Men are very much welcome and invited to complete their Core Essensce Profile, attend events and get involved in The Essensce Movement in whatever way is true for them. We don’t yet have any certified male consultants or design partners. Who will the first one be?

Will I have to replace my entire wardrobe?

How much of your wardrobe you replace how quickly and at what cost is entirely up to you. We have found through experience that there is quite a range of choices that people make when adopting the IlluminEssensce system and integrating it into their lives and into their wardrobes.

For some people, when they see and feel the results of being in their Essensce, they have a major purge which includes gifting a lot of wonderful items that are not in their Essensce, giving them to friends or bringing them to the Goodwill Store – and accompanying this purge, they spend a lot of time shopping, shopping, shopping for new clothes that is in their Essensce.

Others take more of a step by step approach, slowly weeding out apparel that just doesn’t feel right anymore – now that they know how good they look and feel by wearing clothing that is simply a reflection of who they really are. And, slowly buying an item here and an item there, perhaps updating their wardrobe over a period of two or three years.

So, you don’t need to replace your entire wardrobe – although you might want to – and it is difficult to put an average cost on what that means since people have such different budgets and wardrobe needs. However, there are few points worth making.

First, as outlined above, by properly applying the IlluminEssensce system, you will save a significant amount of money by cutting out the waste from your shopping, i.e. by no longer buying clothing and other items that you never or rarely wear. What you do buy you will get a lot more use out of, shrinking the amount of clothing you need to own to get the same use you are getting today.

Second, with IlluminEssensce you can buy a $20 shirt from Target that is in your Essensce that will look better on you than a $300 shirt that is out of Essensce from Saks or a boutique store. So, you will get more value from all of your purchases and look and feel better all the time no matter what your budget.

Third – in your Essensce Guide and via email and online seminars – we provide for you a number of tips with regards to how to modify some of your existing clothing to make it fit with your Essensce. Not everyone likes taking the time and effort to modify their clothing, but this option is available and is appealing to some people some times, especially when there are specific items that are really loved or very expensive. Sometimes changing the color of a button or getting slight modifications with a tailor can make quite a big difference.

Do I need custom designed clothing?

A small number of our clients get so enthusiastic about IlluminEssensce they begin having their clothing custom designed for them. For everyone else however, there is no need to fear. There is plenty of off the rack apparel that works great for your Harmonic Tone. Our best estimate is about 30% of clothes in the marketplace works well with our system,which means that for any given person, 5%-10% of items available in a shopping mall at any given time will look totally excellent on them and bring out and be a reflection of their inner beauty.That said, we are currently looking for partnerships with designers and individuals in each of our product categories in an effort to get products into the marketplace that are  much better than what is available today and making them much more accessible to IlluminEssensce customers. If you are interested in working with us on developing clothing or other fashion and beauty products that embody the inner beauty of every woman alive today on the planet, please contact us. We are looking for partners.

Aren't I my most authentic Self without make-up?

The truth is you are your most authentic self when you aren’t wearing make-up OR clothing. When we are naked we are 100% in our Essensce and putting out an accurate signal of who we are. Barring a small number of nudists, most of us live in a social reality where covering our bodies with clothing is a normal, appropriate and legally mandated part of our lives. The whole idea of IlluminEssensce is how to dress our bodies and show up appropriately in social reality without covering up who we really are… how we can express our authentic selves and share our inner beauty via the conscious application of clothing, cosmetics, hair styles, and so on.So, yes, you are at your most authentic when you are without make-up AND without clothing. Now, here is something very interesting, and this is an area where men and women are different. Male energy projects more strongly than female energy, so when men put on articles of clothing that emit their own radiance, mens faces are still radiating strong enough to compliment and/or keep up with the radiance of the clothing they are wearing. For women this is not so. When women put on clothing,the clothing emits radiance that but for the proper application of make-up will actually drown out the radiance of women’s faces. If you think of it like music again, the clothing is playing at a higher volume than the woman’s face, so the clothing dominates.

We know some of this goes against social conditioning and norms in certain spiritual circles, but what we always tell women is if you are going to put on clothing, and if you want to be seen, you need to put on make-up – even if it’s just a little bit.It could just be a little bit of lip-liner and brush a brow for example, but some make-up is totally necessary for the radiance of your face to be on equal footing with the radiance of your clothing.

The important thing, of course, is that the make-up you wear needs to be in your Essensce, so you can show up as your most authentic and beautiful self – not falling prey to using make-up to cover up your true self or try to be someone who you are not.

What is a Harmonic Tone?

Please see answer above in “What Is The Science of Human Harmony?”