Discover Your Essensce… Change Your Destiny

First, let’s begin with what your Essensce and IlluminEssensce® is not. IlluminEssensce is not a color matching system, nor is it a system based on facial structure or body type. IlluminEssensce goes much deeper than that, to the very core and vibrational Essensce of your being.

Your Essensce is what cutting edge science would refer to as your unique frequency signature.

You can think of it like this. Each person projects a unique voice into the world. Your Essensce is the unique vibrational pattern, the unique pattern of energy and intelligence that sits behind that voice and that is reflected in that voice and in every unique thing about you – including your body pigments, the way you move, your scent, your innate impulses, the way you naturally relate to other people and life, as well as in your very DNA. And, while each of us has a unique frequency signature, a unique pitch we sing at so to speak, there are only 4 “keys” that the whole symphony of life is composed in. We call each of these keys Harmonic Tones™.

Working with and helping transform the lives of over 7,500 clients over a period of 25 years, IlluminEssensce Creator and Founder Taylore B Sinclaire discovered the Harmonic Tones and developed a reproduce-able and patented process by which she and her highly trained IlluminEssensce  Consultants can identify which of the four Harmonic Tones your unique frequency signature is resonant with.

Completing your Harmonic Tone Profile tells you which Harmonic Tone your unique vibrational Essensce resonates with, and gives you the opportunity to not only learn volumes about your field of harmony – which colors, shapes, design lines and textures will bring out your natural beauty and help you be seen and heard in the world as you truly are – but also (re)discover your inner nature, parts of yourself that you have covered up or abandoned in favor of more socially accepted and rewarded behaviors.

This is why we call Illuminessensce a system for both self-remembering and self-actualization through fashion and beauty. We get to remember and reclaim parts of ourselves that we have buried or forgotten, and we get to actualize our inner being by wearing fashion and beauty items that embody, that are resonant with, our inner vibrational Essensce. We can bring to life and express The Core Essensce of Who We Really Are – all the way deep, deep down on the inside – by wearing fashion and beauty items that gives our Essensce voice on the outside.

We call this “being in your Essensce”.

Stepping into your Essensce is a powerful, liberating, grounding, joyful, paradigm shifting, and life changing experience that comes with many tangible benefits.

And did we almost forget to mention? It’s a lot of fun too.

More questions?  Please see “Our Story” to learn more. Also, you may want to take a look at some before or after photos at Seeing Is Believing. Please pay attention not only to their physical appearance, how they look, but also the look behind their eyes. Can you see that it is them now, being present and grounded and really shining through?