Harmonic Tone II

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Harmonic Tone II Complete Make-up Set

Set Includes: 2 Lipsticks, Lip Liner, Blush, Eye Shadow, Eye Contour, Eye Liner, Brush-a-Brow, and a complimentary cosmetic bag in your Harmonic Tone. $180

Harmonic Tone II Essential Make-up Set

Set Includes: 1 Lipstick, Lip Liner, Blush, Eye Contour, and Brush-a-Brow. $118

Tone II Lipstick - Plum

Tone II Lipstick- Plum


Tone II Lipstick - Mauve

Tone II Lipstick- Mauve


LipLiner Tone II

Tone II Lip Liner


Blush Tone II

Tone II Blush- Rose


Tone II Eye Shadow - Forest

Tone II Eye Shadow- Forest


EyeContour Tone I-III

Tone II Eye Contour- Brown


EyeLiner Tone I-III

Tone II Eye Liner- Brown


Brush-a-Brow Tone I-III

Tone II Brush-a-Brow- Dark Brown