How To Stop Your Constant Self-Criticism

Without any effort, you represent and truly are natural beauty. Regardless of any traumatic experiences or limiting beliefs, when you are naked, your body’s innate energy field is vibrating harmoniously. There is no conflict. No dis-ease. You can relax and simply enjoy being.

When you add clothing or simply put any accessory or input anything on your body, however, the energetic vibration of that item either harmonizes with or is in dissonance with your body’s energetic. Furthermore, each individual item, no matter how small, carries it’s own unique energetic, as well.

In combination, if the energetic of these items clashes with either each other or you, the resulting dissonance creates feelings of insecurity and inadequacy on a cellular level. We call this dressing out of your Essensce.

Through tests observing blood, skin, and other physiological measures, we have found that dressing out of your Essensce causes measurable biological dis-ease.

Dressing “in Essensce,” on the other hand, amplifies and illuminates your inner beauty, who you really are, to the outer world. In this state of total harmony, there is neither inner nor outer conflict, and therefore no criticism can exist.

Through over 25 years of work with over 7,500 clients, we have found that when people dress in their Essensce, a deep-seated sense of insecurity and inadequacy gradually disappears both as clients begin to deeply love themselves and other people respond, perhaps for the first time, to who the client actually is.

When you fully grasp the power of the IlluminEssensce technology (which usually only happens through experience of our proprietary profiling process and wearing the designated harmonies), you recognize that all of the energy you’ve been exerting to feel fulfilled, adequate, loved, and whole is unfortunately futile.

Let’s perform an experiment. Summon up your current feelings of inadequacy, criticism, or dissatisfaction. Maybe it’s something about your body. Or a less-than-perfect relationship. Or something irritating at work. Notice your body’s natural reaction. You will see that it falls into one of these categories:

  1. Resistance or denial

You can tell when your reaction falls into this category if you say things like “I’m not [unhappy, dissatisfied, inadequate, etc.], I’m actually [stressed, anxious, etc.],” especially if you convince yourself that these feelings are temporary and will eventually go away if you can wait long enough.

Other manifestations of this inner resistance are people pleasing, shopping, and perhaps even numbing yourself with drugs and/or alcohol. Of course, these symptoms are the hardest to spot specifically because they involve denying the problem in the first place.

  1. Justification

Imagine your current level of happiness exists on a scale of 1-100 (1 being suicidal and 100 being deeply, perpetually joyful). Although many people live in a state perpetually less than 50, they have a deep-seated belief that asking for more happiness is either wishful thinking or plain selfish!

They have to justify/rationalize this miserable state of being by saying things like “I deserve to be unhappy for X reason,” “I should just be grateful for what I have and not ask for more, there are people much worse off than me!” and/or “There is no way to be happier. Learn to live with it and stop complaining!”

Most people who are chronically depressed fall into the above two categories.

  1. Resolution

The past two mental strategies relied on discounting the problem by either deluding yourself into believing the problem doesn’t exist or thinking the consequences are not bad enough to get rid of the problem.

Resolution, on the other hand, takes up the most energy. It manifests as all of those goals that you feel are so important, but actually provide no satisfaction once you reach them. The cycle then continues as you set another empty goal, (maybe) achieve it, and repeat.

Unfortunately, no amount of fame, achievements, or popularity will quench that inner thirst for harmony, expression and knowing that you really matter. All of the happiness gained from these accomplishments will remain superficial and require constant renewal because they aren’t relevant to who you really are.

As a result, many people run themselves ragged in this ‘Rat Race,’ trying to experience a sense of self-confidence and self-acceptance by reaching higher and higher levels of accomplishment. The result is disillusionment and potentially a sense of helplessness after goal after goal has failed to satisfy the underlying discontent.

The irony is that you are already putting in more than enough effort to feel adequate, fulfilled, self-confident, and successful. You are already going through all the motions necessary to put clothes on your body. And that’s simply all IlluminEssensce would ask you do to, as well. As we say, “Change your clothes, change your life!”

As a result of wearing these harmonious items, you will be living in a natural, harmonious state. Your level of happiness will effortlessly increase in multiple ways:

  • Imagine playing a chord on a piano. When one note is wrong, the dissonance is audible. No matter how hard you press the keys or how talented you are as a musician, the audience will notice that dissonant sound. Correcting the wrong notes to produce a proper chord is similar to the process of changing your clothes from out-of-harmony to “in Essensce.” As you wear your Essensce, the harmony created between your clothes and your cellular energy produces a vibrant, creative expression of who you are on a deep, cellular level, which is irresistibly appealing compared to your dissonant expression. This authentic state of being improves your level of happiness effortlessly, simply as a side effect of wearing the right clothes.

  • Wearing “Toned” clothes empowers your cells. With more energy, a persons’ cells demand more happiness. Because the harmonizing clothes act as a newfound source of strength, these reinvigorated cells, completely unsatisfied with their owner’s amount of misery, accept their power and responsibility to change. Thus, your baseline, daily level of happiness gradually increases.

  • The Halo Effect. Psychologists have proven that attractive people are perceived as smarter, funnier, and deserving of more respect, among other things. As you wear your Toned clothing and harmoniously express your being, other people will find you irresistibly attractive, credible, responsible, truthful, and loyal, among other things.

The amazing truth about the IlluminEssensce system is that the main requirement is simply to wear your Tone. This relates to your clothes, accessories, make-up, hair style, and much much more. The majority of IlluminEssensce’s life-changing benefits are generated from this one change.

As you wear harmonious items, the sense of inadequacy literally disappears on an energetic level. Harmony transcends inadequacy. What we consider beauty is the actually the visual perception of harmony! It’s unconditional love. It’s the highest frequency possible in this Universe.

Many many clients have reported in their testimonials that dressing in Essensce provides a sigh of relief. A breath of fresh air. They are finally given permission to be who they really are, which requires no energy and no effort.

In other words, they no longer have all of these inner dissatisfactions forcing them to exert energy. There are no problems to solve! The self-criticism will simply come to an end.

They begin to recognize their own inner perfection and beauty. What’s more, as others also recognize this newfound beauty and perfection, they too will feel compelled to make the change.

This journey toward a New Paradigm of beauty, peace, and unconditional love starts with you and me, and extends to the rest of the world.

Be Harmony. Be Beauty. Be You.

©2014 Taylore B. Sinclaire