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Attending an IlluminEssensce® Personal Power Intensive™ (AKA the 4-Day) is an incredibly powerful step forward towards a whole new level of self-actualization and manifestation of Self in physical form.  And, towards a whole new level of beauty and personal power you were unable to access before.

There is no possible way we could do justice to what you will learn and experience in the Intensive by anything we could possibly write on this website or anywhere else for that matter. Energetics are difficult to put into words as they are only transmitted non-verbally.

This is for you if you are ready to experience a whole new level of personal power and seeing yourself as more beautiful than you ever knew you could be.


Taylore B. Sinclaire felt very familiar to me. Who she is, such a high quality, high intensity person. I was very attracted to her energy, to the quality of being that she is. She is just so full of life. Such a spark, such an amazing spirit. When she speaks about IlluminEssensce, a whole world opens up.

I learned in IlluminEssensce that my clothing, my accessories, my house, my everything has a vibrational impact on who I am.

I remember how tremendous it was to attend the IlluminEssensce Personal Power Intensive and really learn and really connect on an energetic level with the information and what that meant on a deep deep level.

What you will experience:

  • Reclaiming your Self and Inner Power beyond what you knew was possible or could have ever imagined.
  • Permanent cellular re-programming.
  • Seeing yourself and being seen by others as totally complete and perfect as you are, and more beautiful than you ever knew you could be.
  • Re-patterning your self-image and life.
  • Learning in your body, not in your head, how you can make the most powerful contribution to the lives of others and the planet bysimply becoming YOU.
  • You will also experience, understand and see why Radiance transcends color and why our system is unlike any other system (of any kind) on the planet!
  • How you and others really operate and how each of us can work together as part of the circle of life  that helps us accomplish more together than we can alone.

What you will learn/receive:

  • How to align your outer image with your inner essence.
  • A half day make-up class where you practice applying make-up according to the movement and energetics of your Tone, with guidance from Taylore and certified Consultants so that you look natural, younger and full of life.
  • The beauty of having a custom foundation developed just for you and your unique frequency signature which you can re-order for the rest of your life (not only for your Harmonic Tone but specifically for you).
  • A half-day escorted shopping trip with Taylore and certified Consultants to learn how to use the Radiance Fan in real time,  learn how to identify your perfect clothing, jewelry, handbags and shoes and have an opportunity to purchase items that Taylore feels are your optimal look and will support you in your personal and business life.
  • A  deep look at the psychology of energetics– not only mental knowledge but first hand experience of how the IlluminEssensce radiances elicit different responses.
  •  How to be received as more credible in business meetings or in the courtroom for example, how to attract that special someone, what to wear when you want someone to feel safe during a difficult conversation, or how to blend in and be a support system to others.
  • A “mini-closet assessment”– evaluation of 20 items that you bring from your own personal wardrobe.
  • How to utilize our unique Radiance Fan that will take the stress out of shopping so that you are purchasing items that you love. No more unused items hanging in your closet!
  • Hone your Radiance Fan  skills by practicing on over 200 items during class with your peers and with Taylores’ personal supervision and feedback.
  • A much deeper understanding of how the Tones connect and work together as part of the circle of life and the bio-diversity that helps us accomplish more together than we can alone.
  • Your secondary Harmonic Tone – what’s that?  It’s a secret, and you can only find out by attending the IlluminEssensce Personal Power 4-Day Intensive
  • Hair color and style evaluation and suggestions on how to up-date your look.
  • A deeper understanding of the IlluminEssensce psychology and how your innate way of being impact relationships with your family, friends and colleagues.
  • How to look, feel and dress like a “10” at all times.
  • How to update and refine your look

You will experience and learn all of this and much, much more!

Plus, you will receive the following bonus gifts- valued at over $850!

  • A private call with Taylore B. Sinclaire following your Intensive.
  • A Complete 9-piece make-up set with a cosmetic bag for your Harmonic Tone

You will learn with the Creator/Founder of IlluminEssensce, Taylore B. Sinclaire. This is our most elite event. It has advanced information and secrets that are not shared in any other IlluminEssensce events. The IlluminEssensce Personal Power  Intensive is a comprehensive and accelerated program that will save you thousands of dollars and minimize your learning curve by many, many months- this is the fast track to looking and feeling fabulous, understanding others and  your success.

Taylore’s preferred class size for the Intensive  is no more than 12 very motivated and committed individuals. This is a very personalized experience with one of the brightest lights alive on the planet today. Over the next decade there are less than 500 slots available in these 4-Day Intensives. This is more exclusive than all of the top universities, business schools, and law schools combined.

Book your coveted spot early.

You do not want to miss what is truly a… once in a life time opportunity!

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