Taylore’s Beauty Tips: The Secret Of Effective Non-Verbal Communication

Research has shown that over 90% of human communication is non-verbal.

Everyone is surprisingly proficient at sending out and interpreting these non-verbal communication signals. They affect us all and convey subconscious meanings to others.

In fact, in my 25 years of experience as a professional Image Consultant, I have learned that non-verbal communication overrides verbal communication. Hands down.

Each one of us on this planet is similar to a radio station broadcasting a unique signal or Tone or energetic frequency out into the world. Our physical bodies carry this Tone as an expression of our essence – who we truly are on a soul and cellular level. The broadcast we send out as non-verbal communication can either be clear, strong and harmonious or unclear, weak and confused.

If our broadcast has static, we are typically overlooked and invisible, or simply not perceived how we intend. We may look good and sound good superficially, but others are unable to connect with us.

We come across as untrustworthy and inauthentic.

We all unknowingly distance ourselves from others, put up walls, and inevitably misunderstand each other. We are then not trusted at a deep level and we are usually unaware and confused about what is happening because we only notice the difficulties that result from static in our broadcast.

Are your messages clear and conveying what you want to get across, or do they need fine tuning?

After personally consulting more than 7,500 clients, I have two sayings that I have found to be profoundly true:

“You are unable to transcend the clothing on your back”

“You are what you wear”

Remember that like a radio station, we are each radiating a unique, distinct Tone into the world. When we create harmony within ourselves, we can better communicate with others. As we align our outer image with our inner essence, we emit a Tone of harmony, beauty and great impact. We achieve our heart’s desires by becoming a magnet to situations and people we wish to attract.

©2014 Taylore B. Sinclaire