Taylore’s Beauty Tips: Introduction To A New Beauty Paradigm

The world is moving into a new paradigm. The old way of matching hair/skin color, facial features, body type or personality is now obsolete.

Color analysis has been popular for more than 45 years. Indeed, color is an important part of our life.

On the upside, it pleases our senses, adds energy and vitality, newness and fun. We use color to express ourselves.

On the downside, color is dictated to us by the fashion and manufacturing industry and we are given thousands of beauty tips about color. Most of these tips, however, are inaccurate energetically. As a result, we are often confused and feel we don’t have enough choices.

What I have found is that color analysis is not accurate for discovering what colors to wear! Having worked in the image business for more than 25 years, it is apparent to me that we cannot use colored paint chips or plain fabric samples to convey personal energetic harmony as both have flat vibrational fields and no dimension.

So, the question is, how do we choose and use color for ourselves in a way that is empowering, energizing, and expresses who we are?

The answer is a whole new paradigm based on Personal Energetics and the authentic self. A new system of teaching color radiance that is not based on color per se, but rather the radiance and vibration of the color, which is a very sharp distinction. Whereas the color systems are subjective, based on eye/hair color, personality, someone’s opinion, etc., the system based on color radiance is objective and grounded in energetics. Radiance is therefore by far superior.

There are inherent energetics (vibrational fields) in color, shape, and texture and inherent energetics (vibrational fields) in human beings. In fact, these energetics inherent in shapes, color radiances, patterns and textures can either harmonize with or be in dissonance with the energetics of a whole human being! Furthermore, what harmonizes with one person might not work on another. It all depends on each individual’s unique vibrational field.

The IlluminEssensce technology provides a proprietary profiling process that enables a person’s energetics and inner essence– what we call their Essensce– to be revealed.

Given that it’s all about energetics and not about color and how you behave, I now have proof of what I had always known — the basis of psychological and physical definition is not color, shape, or personality — it is personal energetics.

Perhaps you have noticed that the world is changing and that the ‘New Paradigm’ is based on transparency and authenticity. We are all beautiful in our authentic selves.

You are born within one Harmonic Tone category. That same Harmonic Tone remains dominant throughout your lifetime. Just as your DNA will not change during your lifetime, neither will your Harmonic Tone.

As an analogy, you might compare your Tone to a type of car. If it’s a BMW, it will always be a BMW. It will never become a Corvette at its core, no matter how many times it is painted or the fenders changed. Yet, we do this to ourselves by following fashions and constantly changing our outer appearance, chasing a false ideal of beauty and fashion. No wonder people today feel constantly insecure, inadequate, and unattractive.

Your Harmonic Tone is the Energetic Blueprint for who you are. My intention in naming the types was both to be distinct and to avoid stereotypes and preconceived notions, so in 1988 I simply named them Harmonic Tone I, II, III and IV.

The IlluminEssensce® technology is a new way of life, a new way of being and a new way of relating to each other. It is time to experience a new paradigm of unconditional love and true authenticity.

I invite you to step into the New Paradigm and become the authentic, beautiful self that you already are.

©2014 Taylore B. Sinclaire