[VIDEO] How IlluminEssensce Impacts Family Dynamics

Teresa: Hi, I’m Teresa Lombardi and I’m here with Taylore B. Sinclaire, [Creator and] Founder of IlluminEssensce and [Harmonic Tone Profiling].

Taylore, what I wanted to talk about today is how living as your authentic self can have an effect on your family dynamics.

Taylore: Essentially, Teresa, there is this core vibrational field that affects our physicality and it affects the way we see the world. Not necessarily our behavior. That is learned. But it does affect the way we see things.

In the context of the family, it can affect it greatly because we are born a certain way and we have these feelings that are very very real and our vision for how we are going to be in our life that is very real. We have a certain way of feeling, the way we look at things, how we see things.

We alter that a great deal according to what our parents feel, our teachers, our coworkers, our bosses, everything that we do in this life alters us to some extent because we are trying to “fit in.” It’s like the same old thing we’ve been talking about so many times: that hole; that [feeling that something is] missing.

We don’t know quite how we fit in this world.

Are we acceptable?

Are we going to be ok?

What do people think of us?

Can I get ahead?

All these things.

The difference with having [your Harmonic Tone Profile] and following that inner part of yourself, that you are born with, that physicality that same vibrational field or wavelength. If we manifest that and wear that, then we become more authentic and the real self starts showing up in a different way.

It does it automatically.

You don’t have to think about this or try and do it. There is nothing to memorize, nothing to try and figure out, no [reason to] talk to someone in a different way, nothing like that.

It just starts happening on a cellular level.

And the parent or the other person in the family or the mate whoever it is, you start seeing each other a little different. It feels authentic. It feels real. There is a huge connection from heart to heart between people that is very authentic as opposed to trying to figure each other out and placate or make it work. That we so often do. We spend so much energy on it in our lives today.

Teresa: I think in terms of the family dynamic for me personally, the way I was raised, there were three of us and we were supposed to do the same things and behave the same way and be the same way. I never really felt comfortable in my own skin because I didn’t feel like I “fit in.”

I had the opportunity shortly after my son was born to have his [Harmonic Tone] done. What that’s allowed me to do as a parent is to step back and say he is who he is and he has his own innate impulses and he is going to view the world a certain way. It’s almost a relief because I don’t have to make him “fit into” what I think he should be or how I think he should be.

All I do is see him as he is and then just guide him. I think it’s a nicer way, it’s a nicer family dynamic, it’s a nice way to be raised.

Taylore: It’s a huge thing. I have a son also. I thought he was like me. As parents, we love our children, they love us. We behave our way, our natural way of being around them, especially when you are alone with your little baby at first. You are just totally yourself with them.

He just seemed to follow like I was and I really believed for two years that he was the same category that I was and I found out that he was not.

What happened with my story, I had been treating my son a certain way, I got him up every morning, ran into his room and said ‘OH! Good morning!’ and I was all excited for him. It’s how I would like to be awakened in the morning. I like to feel that way and see that happen for me. I used to raise all the Levolors and [let] all the light in the room right away and just ‘Bam!’ there he was for the morning.

Then I realized he wasn’t like that at all. He is a very very different energetic than I am. His harmony is very different than mine. I changed his room overnight and I thought ‘Oh my gosh! I am ruining my child. What am I doing to my child?’ It’s a little exaggerated. That’s how it felt to a mother. He was just two years old then.

I went into his room the next morning and I leaned over his bed and I said good morning you little gentleman. I didn’t open the Levolors all the way. I opened them partially because I knew what to do when I realized I was mistaken about him. He opened his eyes and he looked at me, I’ll never forget it as long as I live, and he was like “ahhh, she got it!” He looked so relieved.

That really got me on the path at that point [thinking about] families because what are we doing?!

It’s like we are trying our very best. What mother or father isn’t? We do our very best, but there is no manual. We kind of work our way through.

Teresa: Taylore, an important part of family dynamics are romantic relationships. How can living as your authentic self have an effect on your romantic relationship?

Taylore: In our society we are very very conscious of this and very wrapped up in pleasing each other or making it right in the very beginning. It’s just this thing that seems to take place. New relationships in particular and then it gets different as we go on.
Going back to this authentic self situation, I believe that when people first come together, we are not our authentic selves. We are trying to be but we just don’t know how to be. It’s just one of those things. That’s why this tool is very effective because it helps us to be our authentic selves without having to think about it or be different. We are just being ourselves.

Let’s say you are in a relationship and if you can be your authentic self just picture this one. If you can be your authentic self in a relationship, what would that feel like?

It would just feel so much more relaxing and real and less stress. The stress is tremendous on us to try to be a certain way. All the compromises and manipulations that we go through. People say it’s passive-aggressive when we all get with each other trying to be this way, be that way, but not offend, all these things.

Trying to not offend someone is part of not being authentic. Not that we are trying to be inauthentic, it’s that we don’t know how to be ourselves and be accepted. It has a huge effect on us.

When you are wearing your harmony or your [Harmonic Tone], when you actually have harmony within yourself, you treat people differently, you see them differently. And they see YOU differently. Because of the vibrational field, they see you totally differently and they tend to be more relaxed around you and accepting.

This is one of the things about this whole thing that I love the most and what drives me the furthest is that I believe that we could not possibly have a war or fight with each other if we are in our own authentic vibration because the real person shows up and it is like ‘Oh!’ They are just them. It’s not about me any more and them not treating me the right way. It’s all about ‘oh, they are authentic!’ and I can be authentic. IT’s a big sigh of relief like ‘Ahh! I get to be real!’

Teresa: Taylore, I know that you have a lot of stories about how living as your authentic self has had an impact on family dynamics. Can you share some of those with us?

Taylore: A couple come to mind. I was just thinking a moment ago. We’ve actually had twins, we’ve done quite a few sets of twins over the years. Its interesting because they are usually not the same [Harmonic Tone]. Which is interesting, fascinating information.

This particular set of twins were 40 years old. They came in and they were in one our classes and the both ended up just sobbing and crying because they said that they had never seen each other in their whole life.

Can you imagine they are from the same egg and they were actually identical. They were in the womb together and all their lives and they said they had never seen each other. And they were crying and its such a heart warming thing to see because they got to relax and be themselves because they were different. Just because [you] are twins doesn’t mean you are the same Tone.

I think one of the main things I hear back from women, this is close to [8,000] women now, the strongest story we hear consistently over and over, their husbands say “Oh my gosh! You are the girl I married. I got back the girl I married.” It’s like we are starting over again. It’s like that romantic thing gets reactivated when you feel more authentic with each other and we relax into the beingness of who we are.

The third story actually I’m thinking back on this. It was an enormous story, he wanted to write to Oprah about this. It was a father and daughter and she was in her 40s and he was in his 60s when they both came in and got profiled. They took their [Harmonic Tone system] home and they started living them.

I still have seen her since then and he now lives in another state. The father does. But he was saying that it changed his whole life. He [did not have] that good of a relationship with his daughter before. He was saying that [IlluminEssensce] had changed everything for him and that they had a close relationship now.

I did happen to run into that family not too long along ago and she was mentioning to me that it’s still the same. They have a very close relationship to this day.

Teresa: That is such a blessing.

Taylore: Yes. Think about that. You missed out on so much and like you said before it is never too late.

Teresa: Thank you so much for talking to us today about how living as your authentic self can have an effect on family dynamics.

Taylore: You are very welcome. Thank you.

©2014 Taylore B. Sinclaire