[VIDEO] What Does Organic Fashion Really Mean?

Teresa: Hi, I’m Teresa Lombardi and I’m here with Taylore B. Sinclaire, [Creator and] Founder of IlluminEssensce and [Harmonic Tone Profiling].

Taylore, what I wanted to talk about with you today is fashion and the environment. Now, when people talk about style and fashion, it’s usually about consumption. We love to shop, it’s fun, but at the same time we are also concerned about the environment. When I think about the Green Movement, I think about the concept of organic.

How is [the IlluminEssensce technology] organic?

Taylore: It’s organic because it actually is our natural state.

In that context, you are actually wearing something that is more organic to you and natural so that things are different. Just as wearing organic cotton for some people, they are allergic to others things. They have a better comfortable feeling in their body, their health is sometimes better.

This goes even deeper than that. It’s organic to the vibrational field and it becomes more at one with you. It’s a much more breathable, living situation as opposed to something that’s just hanging on your body.

Teresa: There are three tenants of the environmental movement:

  1. Reduce

  2. Reuse

  3. Recycle

For someone like me who [wears] organic fabrics, how would being in my Essensce support that?

Taylore: Two points. You mentioned that you thought that wearing organic cotton would be something more friendly to the atmosphere but that’s not going to stop your consumption. That (cotton) is just something different for you body.

But with our system because you [feel] so satisfied and things go much better, you probably buy only 25% of what you used to buy. You are saving 75% [more than] the average person of what they would normally keep buying.

It isn’t that you have to go out and buy new clothes with this. Some people do. I was one of those people myself because it just didn’t work for me any other way and I had plenty of clothes. But once you are past that, that constant need to keep buying things does also slow down.

You can change things, you can redo them. You can do all kinds of things. Change buttons, do pockets, [etc.]

Teresa: So what about recycling. How can [the IlluminEssensce system] assist you in recycling?

Taylore: Many of our clients over the years they come to our events and they come in and exchange things at events and they would bring in a whole stack of clothes like this and they all come together and then when they left, everyone would walk out with a stack of clothes that weren’t theirs but [that matched their Tone]!

It’s like a recycling, but also I really believe that you when you find ‘This is me,’ it’s like a breath of fresh air, a relief. It’s like ‘Oh, thank goodness. I found it.’

You start honoring things deeper than you did before.

We are [all] trying to find our personal style. Once you start feeling this confidence and this esteem starts taking over from the energy of the unsureness of things, which is what it is for most people, most of the time, before IlluminEssensce].

Teresa: So you go from being unsure, [and] once you have your [Tone], you have your Essensce, then your self-esteem and confidence rises.

Taylore: What people do is, they go from one thing to the next. I call it ‘Costuming.’ We are wearing costumes to church, we are wearing a costume into the office, we wear a costume to family gatherings, we try to mimic what that [identity] looks like, [trying] to “fit in.”

Once you have this confidence and esteem starts filtering in on a daily basis, you feel good. You get so much feedback from other people, you can’t deny it. That takes over and you have less need to try and find all these things to “fit in” because what you’re wearing is your own personal style.

Once you follow the system and get that part handled, you start realizing your own personal style because you will reach for that, you will start finding it and it will manifest for you.

Teresa: Thank you so much for this information. It really is a New Paradigm and it really is a whole new way of being organic

Taylore: It is a brand new perception, isn’t it?

Teresa: It is. So thank you for that.

Taylore: You’re welcome.

©2014 Taylore B. Sinclaire